Monday, 14 January 2013

My toes are back!

Oooh it was cold on my toes yesterday. I don't mind being cold, in fact I would rather be cold than hot. The caveat there is toes and ears. I hate having cold ears and toes. Luckily I have a rather fetching selection of Buffs, equally lucky is the chiselled granite jawline that allows me to carry them off in all manner of fetching folds.

When I got to Axbridge city centre I was met by a veritable peleton.
For those of you who read this, but aren't au-fait with cycling terminology, peleton is French for gruppo. A large influx of triathletes had swollen the numbers and promised to be interesting. I'm not sure what French or Italian is for a group of triathletes, possibly l'intense or something.

I won't disect the ride too much, but it was fine. Fast in places, slow in others. Slidey and slippy in places, but bloody cold the whole way round.  I am aware that I am at risk of a Rule 5 breach, so won't mention it again.  The tea-cake was bloody lovely though.

Luckily when I got home my wonderful family had remembered to put the hot water on, but I had a cold shower as I need to Harden The F**k Up!   (I didn't really, the bath was close to boiling!)

Monday, 7 January 2013

The Big Flood

It was a bit of a last minute thing yesterday. But taking full advantage of the weather window, a small peleton of us set off to Sweets. Weird really, but not just one but two Families Floyd.  Off we went, looking for a straightforward and kiddie friendly route for coffee and cake. 

So Wedmore and Heath House before making our easy to Sweets. Let's just say that the amount of water still around was surprising. The road had at least 4" of the wet stuff covering it when we got there. It perked the kids up though, they loved it!

Sitting in Sweets was another damp affair, with the kids drinking hot chocolates as big as their heads.

Back through the flood on the way home, and a sterling effort by the youngsters. Grown up ride next week though. I need to practice for that. So it'll be a turbo week for me this week.