Monday, 14 January 2013

My toes are back!

Oooh it was cold on my toes yesterday. I don't mind being cold, in fact I would rather be cold than hot. The caveat there is toes and ears. I hate having cold ears and toes. Luckily I have a rather fetching selection of Buffs, equally lucky is the chiselled granite jawline that allows me to carry them off in all manner of fetching folds.

When I got to Axbridge city centre I was met by a veritable peleton.
For those of you who read this, but aren't au-fait with cycling terminology, peleton is French for gruppo. A large influx of triathletes had swollen the numbers and promised to be interesting. I'm not sure what French or Italian is for a group of triathletes, possibly l'intense or something.

I won't disect the ride too much, but it was fine. Fast in places, slow in others. Slidey and slippy in places, but bloody cold the whole way round.  I am aware that I am at risk of a Rule 5 breach, so won't mention it again.  The tea-cake was bloody lovely though.

Luckily when I got home my wonderful family had remembered to put the hot water on, but I had a cold shower as I need to Harden The F**k Up!   (I didn't really, the bath was close to boiling!)

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