Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The return of the Cheddar Valley Cyclist!

It's been absolutely ages since my last post.  Months.  Months that have seen periods of inactivity, activity and some really quite random stuff.

Yesterday though, yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.  I decided enough lone cycling was enough, and that I needed to re-engage with the Cycling Mayor and her well formed band of Axbridge Cyclers (although I do not know how many actually come from Axbridge!)  So, ever so slightly behind time I mounted up and set off to meet them.  I didn't so much meet them, as spend half an hour giving chase!  They passed me going the other way, so by the time the Southern Electric van, the caravan towing Volvo and various other vehicles had gone and let me u-turn, I was very much behind the curve.  I followed them at a distance of about 500m, willing them to look back and realise the I was never going to quite make the gap!  They didn't though, and nor did I.  I'd have to meet them at Sweets!

Have you noticed it's way easier to catch people who have stopped?  Well, it is, and they had, so I caught them.  It was also a pleasant surprise to meet up with Helen at Sweets, she used to teach my son piano. 

The journey home was, as always, completely uneventful until the event of my rear wheel puncturing.  Luckily though I had been watching all the seasons F1 races, so knew exactly how to handle the situation.  All I needed was to change the tube, re-inflate using my Jetflator (or whatever it's called) and be off.  First though I would whip off the tyre using my tyre levers....tyre levers, oh bugger, does anyone have any tyre levers?  All done in record quick sharp time though.

Back to Cheddar and hopefully back into the groove.  Next stop the Christmas Do!

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