Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hey, I'm back!

How long is considered to be a decent length of time between posts then?  I guess 7 months is too long isn't it?  Go on, you can be honest!

I don't know where the time has gone, just been really busy, and not always riding my bike if I am honest.

By way of catching up on my cycling year what can I say?

-MTBing in the FOD
-MTBing at Ashton Court
-MTBing in Haldon Forest
MTBing in Thetford Forest, all with the MiniCheddarValleyCyclist.  He is beginning to enjoy his mtbing, in fact at times he has to wait.  I have had major mountain bike traumas though!

I did the Dunkery Dash as promised, though to be fair the word 'Dash' may be slightly out of place, maybe 'Dawdle' or 'Daaaarrrggghhhh' would be better.  I have been doing some gentle utility cycling around the place, but not too much hardcore training, which is why I have not made my presence felt with the ACG recently.  I intend to rectify this though, just need to get a few more miles in first.  Failing that, I'll just catch up on the gossip by the Roleur and The Mayor.

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