Sunday, 8 January 2012

It's Fenny how things always turn out Sweet

Saturday morning, bright, crisp, as my old drill instructor used to shout at us, "It's a fine Grenadier morning, too fine for a bunch of useless bloody tossers like you. Now get in step and get it f'ing together" He was a bit of a git to be honest, typical Guardsman, 6' 2" tall, steep peaked cap and with the type of personality that if he hadn't joined the Army, he could have made a fine career as a cat strangler or going through peoples bins looking for old copies of Warlord or Smash Hits.

But he was right, the morning was a fine one, and we managed to get it together. Well, I say together, we were together in an elasticy type of way. I had a go at the front for a while, but the responsibility was too much and I decided that I couldn't be responsible for any navigational carnage, so I regained my place, and carried on getting covered in mud.

The nice flat route was headed towards Fenny Castle tea rooms. By all accounts a very decent tea-room, with a welcoming host and large portions. Ideal. The ride leader, The Roleur Himself, had done his research. What could possibly go wrong eh? Well, they could advertise themselves as being open, but be closed I suppose, that would rather stuff up the 9 hungry and thirsty cyclists wouldn't it? What made the situation even more troublesome was the desire to not retrace any roads we had already used, this was obviously not going to possible though. Besides we all needed some cake or a sarni.

You can see a pictue of the cake that was consumed on the Mayors blog, 'twas luverly.

There was a bit of a split in the group after Wedmore, so I took the opportunity to sulk off home alone, there seemed little point in going to Axbridge, only to turn around and come home again.

Another very enjoyable ride, with plenty of laughs and some quality banter. I am off to get some hill practice now ready for the 22nd, I can feel a series of increasing disances and gradients looming over the horizon!

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