Monday, 2 January 2012

One ride down.....

So then, a heady start to the New Year, I had my stuff ready to go out with the ACG, but at the last minute, well about 20 past nine on New Years Eve, I toppled over the edge of the 'Sod it, one more then' rubicon. You know how it goes, one more turns into a bottle of mulled cider and're arsed!

Redemption was needed, so I went and put 45 miles in today. I wouldn't have, but I needed to pick the car up from Nailsea as it wasn't going to drive itself home.

I am back at work tomorrow, so the daily commute begins again, that'll be 24 miles a day, I would say without trying, but I mean without having to go out specially. I am going to try and find a mileage widget for this blog, there must be one somewhere on t'internet, I just need to find one. If anyone knows a decent one, then please forward me the link. I Googled 'Cycle Widget' earlier, and nearly wound up including an ovulation calendar widget on here!

Miles this year 45

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