Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Oh, it's been a while

But I'm back!

I've even been riding my bike(s).

Ashton Court a couple of times with the Junior Cheddar Valley Cyclist. Still insisting that we stick to made trail centres, just wait, I'll take him to Dartmoor and get him lost, that'll learn him.

Anyway, I was probably conspicuous by my absence at the Annual 2nd Ride in January ACG meet last week, but I haven't been idle..... far from it, I have been inducting (inducing sounds far too obstetric for me) new riders into the world of cycling. JrCVC has a mate who got a road bike for Christmas. His Dad has recently taken ownership of a nice Trek on the C2W scheme, so for the last couple of weeks we have been out and exploring the lanes around Wedmore and Stone Allerton. So, a cast iron reason for missing the ride, maybe.

Here are the JrCVC, his mate and his mates Dad. Apologies for the German national cycling jersey, but for £1.99 from e-bay for a pure wool, Nike cycling jersey it could have been any national flag................... well except Wales obviously, there is limits!

I have entered the Dunkery Dash Audax in March, so will need to grow a beard, get a silly cap and somehow procure a Carradice saddlebag by then, but 104km, self-navigated from North Petherton to Dunkery Beacon and back in the freezing bloody cold sounds like a hoot I'm sure you'll agree. I think I have rashly agreed to do the Merry Monk and another one over the Solstice weekend. ooeerr!

Mileage this year so far then..... actually, I'll have to go and look (I'll edit this later)

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