Friday, 9 December 2011

Crash, bang, wallop!

Cyclists crash a lot, it's very much part of the game of cycling. You ride along, slip, crash or tumble off, bust yourself up a bit, ride it off and you are once again as good as new.

Last night, for the firt time in absolutely ages, I went dry slope skiing. Now I am a bit of a nifty skiier, used to do loads, but haven't done much for a few years. How difficult can it be though? Skis on, point downhill and bingo. And so it was, for 50 minutes. Increasing speeds, increasing distances between turns, increasingly obvious that I would get throught the evening unscathed, until the very last run of the evening. Not sure quite how it happened, but it did. I slid rather ungracefully to a halt, in front of all the assembled crowds. That was that really.

Over the night it got increasingly more uncomfortable, I guess I must have fidgetted quite a bit as I was invited to go into the spare bed about 3.30! Well, I say invited......

On waking properly the extent of the problem became quite clear. I had hurt my arse. Like the trouper I am, I made my way to work for the Induction Day. Being barely able to control the accelerator is nothing new, but being barely able to control the accelerator in such an alarming fashion definitely was! It soon became obvious that there would be no way I was going to be standing up presenting all day, so I took myself off for a day trip to A&E in Yeovil. 1 nurse, then 2 doctors, and the diagnosis of 'massive haematoma' was confirmed. I now have a bag full of drugs, and a very lumpy sore arse. Not sure how this is going to affect my riding, I definitely won't be at it this weekend, maybe a mid-week mtb ride will be on the cards next week. We'll have to see.

Maybe I should have stuck to the cycling. I will in future. Oh, and be glad, very glad that I have not yet sorted out the picture posting, I'll try and sort it over the weekend, then I can post a pic of my sore bum!

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