Monday, 5 December 2011

Everything is bloody breaking!

Well, it's not just my bike that has broken, my almost new high performance Hot Hatch is no longer hot.

Well it is, it's bloody boiling. Luckily a combination of my innate technical genius, and some really useful pictures on WikiHow have led me to diagnose that my Fiat Punto (1.2 brrmmm brrmmm) needs a new resistor thing. It's still a hot hatch though, as the heater is either on full (a very vigorous 4) or off (a very flacid 1,2,3). I'll get a new one tomorrow, it'll only cost a few quid, then I will knacker that one trying to fit it and end up spending £295 to get a mechanic to fix all the other electrics I have fused botching this repair together. It's why I handed over my wheel to the LBS so willingly. I don't mind knackering the car, but having a wheel slightly out of true would be a disaster.

I'm having trouble accessing itunes as well! Apparantly not enough permissions or some such nonsense computer bollox. Of course I have permission. At least they are my 3 though, and my old-Nan always said things happen in 3's. She was a touch mad though, especially towards the end.

I have also come to realise that the software I have chosen to launch this informative and dynamic blog is probably the least compatible with my Android smartphone! So I will have to work out how to update and feed into it when I am not at home, or being taken up the Gorge.

I shall also figure out the linking options, surely you readers will appreciate a long list of links to other middle aged blokes writing about their bikes. Oh, and ladies of course. Pictures too, maybe even pictures of ladies on bikes. Bike calendars, you know it makes tasteful sense....

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