Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Essential and Difficult First Post

I went out last night with some people who I ride with, but who don't mind buggering off and leaving you sat behind a wall in the freezing cold when your spoke snaps. The talk was of many things, at least 90% of them cycling related. In fact even the ones that weren't were soon dragged back to the joys of 2 wheels. Including the possibility of losing weight by having body parts removed and replaced with carbon fibre replacements.

One of the topics was blogging. It seems that I am one of the few cyclists left in the country who do not have a regular blog. So, not one to be left behind in the digital world, unlike in the riding your bike up big hills world where I am often left behind, I thought I had best get blogging myself.

So, with the difficult first post out of the way, I'll be thinking about what to write for the Problematic Second Post. Maybe it'll be a review of the Christmas Do last night, or more likely it'll be a rant on the fragility of modern cycling components, and why does stuff give up the ghost at the most incovenient moments?

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