Saturday, 24 December 2011

Do they know it's Christmas?

The rain seemed to of held off, the snows hadn't come, it wasn't too windy, the roads were not too treacherous, and I had no decent excuse up my canny old sleeve.

So,the Christmas Eve festivities were to begin with a nice relaxing ride to Sweets, a butty and home. For a change I was to be accompanied by my son, and some friends, Simon and Wendy, and their son. Now, it's a bit odd, because their surname is the same as our surname, which if we had needed an ambulance would probably have caused all sorts of hilarity, as it was I was hoping their would be some confusion around the tea-stop bill and they would end up paying twice. Twas not to be though, I had to pay my own bill.

The ride over was nice and uneventful, a bit chilly, but otherwise very refreshing. The way the Levels look in the Winter is almost poetical. The other startling thing is all the Starlings. Hundreds of them came over, I can't remember the collective noun for a large group of Starlings. The sight of them is amazing, all swooping and swishing and things.

The cafe at Sweets was nice and empty when we arrived, two empty tables and loads of chairs spare. Orders duly placed, it's OK the sausages were low fat, organic ones, I think. We sat down to have a nice quiet chat, then the hordes descended. Within a few minutes the place was heaving with cyclists, it was really good to see so many people turning out for a pre-Christmas bimble and socialise.

It was soon enough time to get up and go home, we went a different route, flatter for the youngsters, but it didn't take much longer than the hilly way.

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