Friday, 16 December 2011

Turbo booooooost

I haven't got around to getting out properly on the bike again yet. I have seen the Doc though, and he tells me that I should do what I can do. So the turbo is set up and I am going to do a little session this afternoon. I have mixed feelings around turbo sessions. It depends what is on the tv while I am pedalling mostly. As it is going to be the afternoon, I am looking forward to a couple of episodes of Murder She Wrote and a re-run of Homes Under The Hammer. Or maybe I'll put a film on. Probably not the Flying Scotsman though, it'll get me all worked up and spinning like a lunatic.
Whatever happens, it'll probably look like this in my lounge this afternoon. Except for the crowd, although sometimes the neighbours do look in the window to try and figure out what is going on in my front room!

I have seen the weather forecast for this weekend, and so I would like to get moving again in case there is the option of some snowy mountain biking in the next few days. I love snowy mountain biking, something about the crunch of the snow under the tyres and the ever so slightly out of control feeling whenever you try and turn a corner! Great fun. So, here is hoping for some snow, and for the development of a sense of balance so I can make maximum benefit from it.

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