Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Would you worry if your nipples were different colours?

My amazing popping wheel is no longer popped. The errant spoke has been discarded and replaced with a nice new one. BUT......I am left with odd coloured nipples as a result. I now have mostly red nipples, but in the middle of them is a black nipple! What's to be done? Would you put up with different coloured nipples, or would you nip (!) back and get it changed when the matching colour arrives back in stock?

I am tempted to leave it different, like a talking point but not so interesting. In fact probably no-one will notice, my nipples do not get a lot of close up attention these days (another topic of conversation last Saturday), so anything that makes them stand out, and isn't an ice cube, may be a bonus.

I'll think about it. Oh, I cycled into work this morning, that caused a strange series of physiologically nipple related events in itself. They popped out, in fact in a directly inverse proportion to everything else popping in!

Pah, and there was me worrying I would have nothing of value to add to the plethora of cycling blogs already out there. Why was I worried?

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